Dear Friends,
I would like to introduce you to my friend, Cherie Haymes. Cherie has been taking care of my skin since she first arrived in Santa Fe.
I have tried many skin care salons, all over the world, including: Elizabeth Arden, Georgette Klinger, and Iiona of Hungary. All are well known for skin care, but none were as satisfactory as the results that Cherie was able to obtain for me. Her knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed in her profession. I hope that soon you will treat yourself to a wonderful facial with Cherie and allow her to give you the gift of healthy and beautiful skin.

Jan Krissel

I have always had skin problems. From my early teens, my mother took me periodically to the dermatologist, first to treat my blackheads, and gradually to larger, more menacing forms of acne. It was a way of life; Retin A gave way to less fashionable, more harmful medications. I hoped it would be over with my teenage years. When I confessed to a friend that my skin problems had helped me to “overcome” or “escape” what I saw as an unhealthy fixation on exterior appearance on the part of others, what I really meant was that I had given up. I thought there was no other way for me to walk through the world but to try and pretend that no one was looking.
Then in my late twenties came my worst nightmare. Instead of gradually dying down, my acne—if I could even call it that—became more active than ever. The typical blemish gave way to full-blown, often painful cysts. And soon I had to face the fact that people were looking. Friends and mentors began to comment. Minor acquaintances began suggesting treatments and healers. I was hurt by their well-intentioned words and silently ashamed. Fearing the damage that my dermatologist’s medications do to one’s organs, I began the lengthy and expensive process of trying various alternative treatments: homeopathy, herbs, strange diets…. I had finally confronted my problem, but didn’t know which way to turn! I grew depressed and uncomfortable around others.
That was when Cherie Haymes, the friend of a friend, approached me and offered me hope. At first, her care and confidence in my recovery kept me going back for weekly extractions and kept me on my nightly and morning skin care routine. But then it began happening. The cysts were shrinking, fewer were breaking out, the impossible was becoming a reality. Week by week people began commenting on how nice my skin was looking, and I felt my inner self changing. Though I have always been confident, that one thing I forced myself to ignore in order to approach the world with confidence was no longer an obstacle. Only now that I no longer approach the minor apprehension, do I realize how much of a handicap it was to my self-image, my sense of self-worth, and my ability to be joyful. Cherie did all of this for me. If you have had the good fortune to stumble upon her, do yourself a favor and listen to her! As I’ve come to know her better I see that this is not only her profession, but also her passion. And she sees the beauty in all of us. When a friend commented that Cherie was making me beautiful, Cherie disagreed, saying that I was already beautiful and she was just helping that beauty shine through.
Thank you, Cherie. You are a true healer.
With love,


When I first met Cherie, the owner of Remedies Skin Care Clinic, I had many problems with the skin around my eyes. From an infection under my eyes, and then the resulting surgery to remove the infection, I had wrinkles that hadn’t been there when I was only a few months younger. Over the next two months, the lines and wrinkles got worse. Though a couple of doctors had tried to help me, they only made things worse with the intense peels and non-natural, invasive methods of attacking my skin. That is how I began to feel: like I had been violently treated. After only a few weeks of Cherie’s treatments, the lines and wrinkles began to fade. Her natural products soothed my skin and for the first time in a year I began to believe I would at least regain some of my youthful appearance. Now most people don’t believe I am a grandpa. I’m 45 and they usually guess my age at around 35. I always knew I would age, but now I know I can age less quickly with help from Cherie and the cold laser.

Rodney Leyda
After a session with Cherie, not only do I feel like my skin looks beautiful, but I feel refreshed and renewed. She changes my day for the better every time I see her.

Jessica Wexler
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